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    Replaced VSVO card on Simplex MK6 generates alarm message after config download

    A site presented a problem were the unit would tripped a few seconds after the start command issued. The panel is Simplex MK6. They noted alarms for servo fault on GCV,SRV and had a diagnostic alarm for the SLOT5 VSVO card. The operator was asked to check the type number of diagnostic alarms on...
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    MK6 library difference preventing Download

    They have six GE FR6/MK6 units here at the site I am visiting. The base project had 4 units and there was a second phase that added a further two generating units. GE didn't keep it simple and just copy and paste but instead GT5 and GT6 were almost like a new base project and have slightly...
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    Old GE TIL for Lube Oil Heaters on FR6B

    The customer I am working with has installed a new 23QT-1 Lube Oil Heater on a FR6B gas turbine unit. They believed they had a faulty element but have just found the same problem as previously. When the temperature switch enables the immersion heater to switch on, it trips on the heaters...
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    Mk5 Download ALL

    I have a MK5 TMR training panel which comes with prom chips that are set for a particular job site. I have two processors that are from a different job site and I want to make the training panel compatible with these PCs. I did an eeprom UP to one of the processors for USER on [T] core...
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    Setting VTUR Circuit Braker Adaptive Close Time

    I have just followed testing for new circuit breaker dummy and auto sync testing. The adaptive control was disabled for the test and a setting of 70ms was set in CB1CloseTime and CB1CloseTime. The testing was successful and the 52G measured closing time was recorded for both units at...
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    MkII Calibration patchboard jumpers

    Could anyone help me locate were I could buy the small stackable jumpers used for the patchboard on the Old MK2 speedtronic calibrator cases. Not having much luck with my internet searches. Was hoping if I can't get the actual original jumpers someone might also suggest an alternative. Thanks...