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    Exhaust thermocouples getting failure in 6FA Machine

    21 nos of thermocouples are available to measure exhaust temperature in 6FA machine. its getting failure randomly its may be due to erosion and physical damage . Let me know any method or product to prevent the same. Yearly 2 or 3 nos getting failure (not particular its random TC).
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    6FA MARK V

    In 6FA MARK V diagnostic alarm 1.TCQA 4-20mA outpt disagrees w/ref CH.A (Alarm persisting) in <S> core ST:1 DROP: 1250 2.TCQA LVDT POSITION DIFF HIGH REG#7 in Core <R> <S> <T> ST: 0* DROP:1342 (alarm some times only and not holding) Please let me know what could be the...
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    Mark V DWATT Signal Loss

    I am working in 6FA machine with Mark V system. Now Machine running with base load (Temperature Control). In S core DWATT signal lost due to transducer failure and others working fine. What will be the consequence if DWATT signal loss more than one?
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    GT 6FA AFPCS Value

    We are using 6FA machine with MARK V system. AFPCS is DP between compressor inlet vs ambient pressure. AFPCS called inlet air total pressure transmitter. Why AFPCS value silty increasing during raining? 1. What may be the reason for increasing of AFPCS value During raining.(Normal value...
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    MARK V Remote Operation

    We have <C> core (common or communication) and <I> operator interface In MARK V system. <C> & <I> connected and communicated through ARCnet (Attached Resource Computer Network) Topology. This Question for knowledge gaining purpose only. if I Have a plant to shift the <I> operator interface...
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    Basic Instrumentation in 6FA with MARK V

    I have a good experience (6+ years in Instrumentation) in thermal power plant, and now i got a chance to work in 6FA machine with MARK V control system. I need clear guidance to under the system in better way. Need more clarity about instruments connectivity.
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    Steam Flow Calculation

    Turbine steam flow always showing low (i.e. 4 TO 5 TPH) compare to boiler output. This different is increasing while load is increase. Both side same value used for steam compensation (max pressure and temperature value as per OEM recom)---is there any issue? Boiler side 0-5000 MMWC TX range...
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    C & I Documentation

    I am new for GT (6FA machine with mark V). Need guidance to know the C&I related documents availability for study. Where i can get the following: List of instruments installed in a machine Instruments manual List of instruments specification (model, range) List of operational setting...
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    MARK V (P) Core

    <P> - Protective Core provide emergency overspeed protection, gas turbine flame detection, the automatic synchronization signal, and testing of overspeed trips for certain applications, but i need more information about the core.