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    Panel Vent and Fan Location Advice Please

    Hey! I have two panels about ready to ship. I calculated the thermo load when sizing the enclosure but I am worried they are both still getting a bit warmer then I like. One has a PLC, touch panel and such in it ... the other has 12 contactors in it. One panel measures 36 x 36 x 8...
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    Computer Does Not See Modem When Using Ethernet Switch

    Back story ... I build control panels. My customer wants one that can be controlled via the internet. So, I have a PLC with an Ethernet port, a touch panel with an Ethernet port and a cellular modem with an Ethernet port. I also bought a "dumb" Ethernet switch. The modem, PLC and touch panel...
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    Switch or Router?

    Hey! After 30 years of panel building, this is a new one for me. A client I have had since the 90's asked me to build a panel with remote access via the internet. He has no land line to the site. I did my homework and quoted it last year. I got the job a few weeks ago and have begun...
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    Cannot Find a 12 VDC Conductivity Switch

    I have been building control panels for 30 years. One of my customers wants to power a pump with flow control from a solar array. He had decided on the supply (solar panel, controller, deep cycle battery, ..) which gives me 12 VDC to work with. The controls are straight forward. The problem I...
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    PLC with Remote Access

    I have a client who wants to remotely log into a site (as you would a web page), turn 12 pumps on and off, look at two flow meter outputs (meters have 4-20 mA outputs), have the PLC or HMI panel send him an e-mail if the flow goes high or low. Plus he wants the unit to totalize the flow over the...