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    Foxboro IA DCS PIDX block out problem

    Hi; We use Foxboro IA system v8.8 DCS. The blocks that i have problem controls proportional valves. When we turn the PIDX block to manual, we set an output value and it must stay at that value. But in manual, the output value changes slowly. I checked the block but couldn't see anything...
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    Boiler Efficieny which is Used Under its Capacity

    If I use a boiler (18 Ton/h 11.5 barg 185 C / natural gas) under its capacity (if it produce 10 ton/h steam, how does its efficiency change? Is there a ratio or curve for this?
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    Sensorless Flow Measurement with ACS880

    In its manual, ABB ACS 880 drives can measure flow accross the pump without any sensor. What is the configuration for this at ACS880 drive? Which parameters should I set?
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    ACS880 RPBA-01 Emulation

    Hi all; We have been use ACS800 drives for a long time over Profibus by its RPBA-01 module. ACS800 drives will not produced anymore. So, we began to use ABB ACS880 drives. ACS880 uses FPBA-01 adapter module for profibus. I try to communicate ABB ACS880 drive with DCS using RPBA-01...
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    ControlLogix and Prosoft and Slave Modbus Communication Problem

    I try to control ABB MNS Mlink (It controls M10x modules) motor control module with AB ControlLogix 1756-L71 and Prosoft MVI56E-MCM combination. I send start and stop commands, toggle related start stop bits on ControlLogix program but, Mlink reacts too late or many times does not react. I...
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    Driving an Analog Output Module of Phoenix Contact with Foxboro IA System

    Hi, We use 2878696 IL MOD BK DI8 DO4-PAC modbus copuler with these components at this order:<pre> 1- 2878696 IL MOD BK DI8 DO4-PAC 2- 2878447 IB IL AI 4/EF-PAC 3- 2861302 IB IL AI 2/SF-PAC 4- 2861302 IB IL AI 2/SF-PAC 5- 2861315 IB IL AO 1/SF-PAC 6- 2861315 IB IL AO...
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    Configuring Controllogix MVI Module as Master

    Hi; I made the Controllogix program and set up the MVI module as Modbus. I wired an energy analyzer and made all communication parameters such as address, baudrate, etc. But no communication. At my program under MCM.config, there is a configuration list for port1. I made it true. I use...
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    Resetting the Registers for Schneider Energy Analyzer PM5110

    Hi, we read accumulated active energy and reactive energy with 2700 and 2708 registers. At the beginning of the ever month, we want to reset these accumulated values in the analyzer. What is the way of doing this? I couldn't find the related register for this, in its register list...