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    Turbine application with YSIL Core safety protection module

    Dear All I am looking for a MARK VIeS turbine control application (Master file only) which includes in its hardware configuration the YSIL cores safety protection module IOPACK. Thanks in advance
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    Questions and Insights about Aeroderivative Gas Turbine

    Hi everyone, After working on both heavy duty and aeroderivative gas turbines and being aware of the major differences of the control theory of both, I have some questions about the mechanical side of the aeroderivative GT. I know that (correct me if i am wrong) the Aero GT shaft is much...
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    Gas valve (SRV/GCV) Actuator Plug Oil Leakage

    In our compression station we have frame 5 machines. After visual inspection of the gas valves actuator assembly (bolted to stationary base plate) of one machine, I noticed a SMALL oil leakage (see the picture in the link below) from the GCV actuator plug while the machine was running. (notice...
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    It is about the "standard droop speed control" and how it can be affected by the FPRG or a bad calibration of the gas valves...etc. Compared to the CONSTANT SETTABLE DROOP SPEED/LOAD CONTROL, The STANDARD DROOP/SPEED CONTROL has "no FSR value feedback" in its regulation loop. This mode of...
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    Mark VIeS Virtual Controller Pcode Error

    Peace everyone So i managed this 6 months to learn how create a virtual controller and create a simulator for some MK VI and MK VIe projects (which are provided by the simulations blocks) And recently i am trying to do this with a MK VIe and MK VIeS projects, i configured the both virtual...
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    Safety Certified PPRO I/O Pack

    Now with MarkVIe we can have a PPRO pack which is safety certified (IEC 61508), and it can be used in the IEC 61511 certified safety loops. please can you tell me exactly what GE added to the hardware or the software (board processors) which make it able to be safety certified?, In other...
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    Mark VIeS vs Mark VIe

    The Mark VIeS is the safety platform of the mark VIe, and it has been certified to be SIL3 (controllers and IO packs). It can be a TMR, DUAL, or SIMPLEX configuration. But what i want to understand deeply is: does this safety platform has to co-exist with a control platform (mark VIe) in the...
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    Why Two Gas Valves (SRV GCV) in Frame 5 GT

    I just want to share and confirm an information that i have about using two gas valves (SRV and GCV) in the frame 5 GTs. The first valve SRV (speed regulating valve) regulates the infravalve pressure (between srv and gcv). This pressure depends on the hp speed. WHY? because the amount of fuel...
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    Looking for Insights About Dual Configuration in Mark VIe

    Can any one please give more explanation about the dual configuration in mark VIe regarding the voting and the processing of critical signals. For example the trip solenoid relays in the TRPG card will have a configuration of 1/2 or 2/2? Or we do not have any voting at all and we do have a...
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    WorkstationST OPC DA Server

    i would be so grateful if you could explain exactly how the OPC DA server performs when enabling it in the workstationST: - In the OPC DA server tab, does the "Client Driven variable" means the variable of the workstation which are held by the OPC? - does it copy directly the EGD data...
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    Convert a Mark V Component for Use in ControlST Applications

    I managed to configure a Mark V controller into ToolboxST application using the Mark V feature in the WorkstationST component editor. Everything went okay, and i finished the operation by adding the Mark V maintenance tools( logic forcing, dynamic rungs display...etc) using the "REBUILD START...
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    IGV angle and pulsation protection control

    After studying the CSRGVPS algorithm of a 5002B heavy duty gas turbine, I found that the inlet guide vanes are automatically positioned closed during a start-up and a shutdown sequence to avoid gas turbine compressor pulsation or combustion pulsation. I found also to protect the axial compressor...
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    How to Decompile "ap1" Files in MARK V

    After making an upload from the controller in MARK V (HMI), i'm looking for decompiling these 'ap1' files to have source '.src' files again. would you please help me with that.