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    Field Instrument or Design for Pull Cord in Belt Bonveyor

    We places a pull cord in belt conveyor for emergency stop, but we have always problem since the wiring is in parallel that very consuming to check if there is faulty. Any better design/sensor/wiring for pull cord switch in belt conveyor?
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    IFIX 5.0 Training

    Hi, I'm looking free material training of ifix 5.0, trying to find the tutorial. It seems not popular so very little of tutorial. Thank you. Or anyone have a reference good training vendor max $300.
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    JHNET-II Intelligent Adapter

    Dear control users, We have one system using JHNET-II for our Electrostatic precipitator and we need to retrofit this system. Thank you. regards
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    Wet Leg Level Measurement with Both Legs Connected

    What is the reason in Wet leg level measurement, both leg is connected? As you can see I the picture https://ibb.co/mrACik (Lp Heater). thank you.
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    Verify or Simulate Logic in Control Sheet and Control Macros

    I'm new with ovation and I want to study my plant control sheet and control macros like dual valve, medium voltage motor. Any software to do it something like simulink maybe?
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    Ovation DCS in Power Plant Has No FGS System

    I'm a recent graduates working in power plant. I'm curious why there is no fgs system either as esd or sis in ovation dcs power plant? is it really sufficient using only fire alarm control panel? our power plant using notifier nfs2-3030 by honeywell.
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    Software to Keep Track of Equipment Plot Plan

    Hi, What software do you use and how do you use it to keep track equipment plot plan? I'm a recent graduate working in thermal power plant. I want to create list all of instrumentation equipment location. any idea?