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    FSR Manual Control GE Frame 7E

    Dear, If the GTG unit have load restriction (for any reason), then the Operator takes Unit control in FSR MANUAL mode and keep unit at fixed MW below the restricted value (MW), until the problem fixed. 1. Does frequency excursion have any impact on GTG operation at fixed MW in FSR Manual mode...
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    Auxiliary Boiler

    Dear gentlemen, Can any one answer/explain the following What is the interpretation of “hot standby” for auxiliary boiler? Are there any restrictions for purging of the aux boiler prior to start-up (firing)?
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    Enthalpy Drop Across Steam Condenser

    Hi every one looking for the below what is the best enthalpy drop across the air cooled condenser for steam turbine? what the effect of ambient temperature of the air cooled condenser? what is the best elevation for the air condenser for steam turbine? what is the effect of increase...