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    Display a particular Timer in HMI (ie dos system) of mark V

    Due to very old mark v of control turbine, i'm having an issue to display a particular Timer in the i (hmi) screen, just to inform you guys this systen deals with instructions instead of clicking mouse that make it hard for us to deal with this system. This timer is computes the 180 seconds of...
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    What could be the causes of P/I transmitter damaging coil?

    a P/I transmitter is used to control a gas valve position , but i'm facing a problem of damaging these transmitter they are based on a coil....if it is from the PLC Allen Bradley (4-20 ma) suggest me the best protection for my loop to keep the coil from harm .
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    How to protect an inductor (coil) of a Pressure/current converter by inserting a device in series with the loop 4-20ma?

    hello guys i have pressure/current converter SRI983 where its main electronic component is the coil that changes current to pressure or the opposite .and this transmitter is 24V and 4-20ma . but i'm facing a big issue of damaged coils for a years and now someone suggested a solution to install...
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    Installing a Flowmeter to Calculate Gas Quantity and Display Information in Control Room

    I want to realise a project of installing Ultrasonic transmitter and display the quantity of gas in my control room, and to know the quantity of the day and month and year. Need advice about flow control that can display that. [email protected]