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    Mark vie -logic names

    I am using GE Markvie . sometimes I used the search option(ctrl+F) to find logic and i noticed some logic search results not found if I enter a name in the search engine with caps lock and others not found if I enter a logic name without caps lock. can anyone tell me what's behind this all?
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    GE and BHEL Part Numbers for Frame 6B

    Dear all, Anybody has BHEl or GE part number details for frame6B? I have a file which only about the maintenance (major, CI, HGPI) spare parts list, but I need full details for every spare part of frame 6b. if you have please send the following email address - [email protected] &...
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    Mark Vie _ HART message server is not running

    we are using 30M.W BHEL Gas turbine and Mark Vie control. 2 Days before we encounter software error (device.Xml file missing) while attending IGV Autocalibration. so we are using the backup file to recover this issue. controller status is healthy "A". After a successful startup, we...