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    No data on Counter/Timer Page on HMI

    It was discovered during routine check on HMI of one of our GT. On opening the page, we found out that all hitherto values that use to display before like Total fired time, MegaWatt hours, MegaVars hours, Total Starts, Fired Start and Emergency Trips is no more display ,but instead it is only...
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    G.E. Part Number for Instruments on frame VI gas turbine system

    Please I need G.E. part number for the following instruments used on General Electric frame VI gas turbine system 1. Compressor Inlet Pressure drop transmitter (96CS) 2. Hydraulic ratchet system limit switch (33HR) 3. Starting Clutch limit switch (33CS) Then I would also need assistance for...
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    Incorrect date tag on alarm page displayed on HMI

    We are running G.E. frame VI with Speedtronics Mark VI, of recent the date tag on the alarm page on one of the HMI is not correct, it shows date the date of a year earlier. Please I need good suggestion on how this problem can solved. Thanks
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    3AO1 and 3AO2 Thermocouple

    Good day, Please I need the full name given to these two types of thermocouples (3AO1 and 3AO2), their original position in the frame VI turbine, and the function they perform.
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    Inlet Guide Vane (IGV) Angle

    All this while that i've been working with instruments on frame vi GE gas turbine system, I notice that IGV angle start from 33degree and not zero degree and end at 86 degree and not 100degree. Please I need detail information about this from the whole house. thanks.