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    Multi-step restriction orifice plate

    What is the best software in sizing Multi-step restriction orifice plates? Is it possible with Conval Ver.9 ?
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    5 way manifold for DP pressure transmitter for very low temperature around -110 degc

    what kind of sealing is suitable for 5 way manifold or sealing of transmitters for very low fluid around -110 degc ? is PTFE or FKM ot NBR suitable?
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    Material of Cell of DP pressure transmitter for very cold fluids

    what material is suitable for Dp type pressure transmitter which is measuring flow of Ethylene ( -90 degc)? what measure should be considered to not let cell and impulse line not frozen in case of leakage around tubing and manifold? is heat tracing suitable and is not it dangerous? sharing any...
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    CONVAL software in sizing instrument

    what version of Conval software could size multi step restriction orifice plates. I already have version 9 but it could not find it.
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    Minimum Straight Run constraints in flow meter

    I want to install a flowmeter for liquid ethylene with temp around -96 degc, what type is the best flow meter for minimum straight run installation than can be installed in location that has around 4D ( nominal diameter of pipe) in upstream of flow meter with knowing that we already have vortex...
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    Purchasing vortex flowmeter

    Dear All, For buying vortex flowmeter to measure a fluid such as ethylene, do companies that sell this kind of flowmeter like Endress Huaser have special facility to calibrate this flowmeter based on data we have sent to them? if they does not have a fluid such as this one what they do? Do they...
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    Samson VS. Masoneilan Valve

    Dear All, Which company is better in terms of making valve Samson or Masoneilan? which company makes suitable valve for oil and gas sector? do you have any experience in this regard? I appreciate your kind answer.
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    Restriction Orifice in Lube oil rundown tank filling line

    Dear all, In run down tank of lube oil system of compressors there are two restriction orifices as you can see in drawing attached. Problem ( in our particular situation ) is in start up condition when filling time of run down tank when HV1303 is fully open, time duration of filling tank is 40...
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    DCS make of ABB product ordering information

    Hello Dear All, I am going to purchase a redundant unit of processor PM861A for revamp project with order number or part number 3BSE018157R1, but I do not know if in this unit contains two processor unit of PM861A or just one? i have read somewhere that it contains two redundant cpu is it right?
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    instrument cable laying and segregation in cable trays

    Hello All, my question is that would it be possible to put instrument multicore DO cables in a tray with instrument multicore DI,AO and AI cables in a distance about 330 meters? any problem would be possible to happen such as due to Do signal ON and OFF excitation ( 24VDC on-off signal of...
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    Sending Temperature Signal of Furnaces in Olefin to DCS

    In our plant thermocouple sensor are transferring mv to marshaling cabinet. Then a transmitter barrier change it to 4-20 and goes to control station. My question is it possible to change mv signal of sensor to 4-20 via transmitter in site near furnaces in Olefin plant to than transfer 4-20 to...
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    VIRUS and DCS

    Dear All, I want to send a signal 4-20 ma from DCS through a converter (4-20 ma to ethernet) to the internet network and then from a PLC that is connected to internet i will get it. Is it possible that a virus can spread through internet to converter and then to PLC? I mean if virus can...
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    Level Gauge on Steam Drum

    we have a problem with reading through level gauge on steam drum with 400 C operating temperature and 120 bar pressure. Reason for this is the glass (mica) that is used to read the level because of steam has become blurred, and reading is difficult. Is there any way to fix the problem? I mean a...