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    PLC Tribal knowledge.

    Over the years I've seen what is considered to be the correct way of programming a PLC. A couple of examples; double latching is considered a no. The other one that I hear a lot, the software should be simple enough that the maintenance guy/gal understands it. I've put up two points ...latching...
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    Hi Experts Does anybody have a motor modal under scilab....xcos to be more specific? Motor modal is squirrel cage motor I'm testing a DTC algorithm but battling in finding a motor block Thanks
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    Motor parameters for squirrel cage motor

    Hello Gents and Gals I have a processor board ...very fast very powerful The intention is to develop FOC or DTC control. I have cobbled a V/F control (no encoder) at the back end. The intention is FOC or DTC control. Acquiring Stator resistance is straight forward without getting overly...