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    Loose Rotor Bars Vibration

    Hello all, I took vibration measurement on HV Motor, RPM: 990 Synch RPM: 1000 Poles: 6 No. Of Rotor Bars: 88 1XRBPF(Rotor Bar Pass Freq)= 88*990=87120 RPM/60= 1452 Hz 2XRBPF= 2904 2xLF= 100Hz Bearings: 6324 & 6319 I got very less vibration in overall amplitude. But my concern is when took...
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    High Vibration on Start up gas turbine

    We are having an issue on Solar titan gas turbines during start up. The maximum speed is 11,197 rpm for the turbine. It is connected to alternator with planetary gear box. High vibration on bearing 1 which is at cold side. Alarm value set is 63.5 microns and we got highest vibration yesterday is...