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    Engine Exhaust Temperature Sensor (Thermocouple)

    In a twelve cylinder Diesel engine there are twelve thermocouple installed in every head. The length of each thermocouple probe is 5 inch. Full 5 inch was inserted into the head from the beginning. I have changed two defective thermocouple but unable to insert full 5 inch due to some technical...
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    Raspberry pi

    I have two raspberry pi and each have separate 10 inch display. One raspberry is in Engine room and another is in bridge of the ship. Temperature data from engine will come to Master raspberry pi (Engine Room). Engine room display will show the temperature. Display of slave raspberry pi (Bridge)...
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    I need some K type Thermocouple for a diesel engine. Earlier i purchased 200 thermocouple from The Sensor Connection, USA. Some of them become damaged within short time. That's why i want to buy another 50 thermocouple from any different company. Can you inform me some best thermocouple...
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    Software to View Water Level

    I have some ICT1000 submersible water level sensor with RS-485 Modbus output. Can you suggest me any software by which i can show the tank water level in a desktop computer?
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    Submersible Level Sensor

    I have purchased some Submersible level sensor. Specification says, those sensors are only for safe area installation. Not for hazardous area. I want to know the definition of Hazardous area. N.B: My application is in a tank where there are lot of sand mixed with the salty sea water. And...
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    Engine Exhaust Temperature Thermocouple

    I want to use 24 in number K type thermocouple in a ship that will be monitored from Two places (Engine Room, Engine Control Room). To do this i need 24 thermocouple and 24 thermocouple to mA converter. All the Items should be marine type. So please somebody can help me to find out the best...
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    Reducing Noise from the Sensor Signal

    I am using 18 submersible water level sensor in a floating dock. Maximum distance of the sensor from controller is 100 meter. I have made a Data acquisition card to pick the 4-20 mA signal from sensor. But as it is a noisy area i think some noise is adding with the main signal and making some...
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    mA to Voltage Conversion

    I want to convert 0-20mA to 0-5 volt. i know for this i should use a 250 Ohm resistor. My question is what should be the power rating of the resistor?