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    Replacing the Packing of Generator Bearing

    Control Gent's, I hope this message finds you all well. We have replaced the packing of the Generator Bearing by a standard one supplied by OEM. We tried to start-up the turbine 3 times and it tripped due to high vibration on generator DE and NDE. It seems that the packing is tight or not...
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    Weld repair Generator cooling air duct

    Getn's, I hope this message finds you all well. We have 25MW Holec Generator driven by GE Frame 5. There is a crack in the inlet cooling air duct. We want to repair it by TIG weld. Is there any risk in welding without dismantling the ducts ? Thank you in advance.
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    Base Load Limit of Frame 5 Gas Turbine

    Gent's, I hope this message finds you all well. We have GE Frame 5 gas turbines with Mark V control system. After major overhaul of one unit and during baseload test, the generator output reached: - 26.1 MW - 9.3 MVAR - 0.942 pf the turbine variables reached: - TTXM = 474.6 - CTIM = 18.4 - FSR...
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    Fire Detection System Control Modules Suppliers

    Greetings to all, We need a supplier for Hi-Safe Rack3 Fire detection system control cards/modules. Anyone can recommend and suggest why their recommendation would be a good choice? Thank You in Advance.
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    Mark V Custom Counter

    Greetings to all, We have GE Frame 5 Mark V gas turbines. We want to schedule our Preventive Maintenance Routines for Starting System components (Torque Converter, Ratchet, ...etc) based on running hours. Since it does not operate all time, we need to create a custom counter to count the...
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    High Voltage Motor Temperature Rise

    Greetings to all, A high voltage motor was sent for rewinding, and when it came back, its temperature increased by around 20 deg. It is cooled by an air-to-air heat exchanger and motor cooling fan (MCF) driven by motor shaft. Can someone help in identifying the possible causes of...
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    ArcNET Jumper Configuration

    Greetings to all, We have GE Frame V Mark V Turbines. We need to make a spare unit of <I> PC. We did take a copy of the hard drive to another one running in Pentium CPU. The OS is IDOS. The problem is when we try the PC on the turbine, it stops when it calls the ArcNet definition file. We...
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    Ansaldo Thomassen Frame 5 Renewal Parts Manual

    Greetings to all, We have MS 5001PG (Mark 5) gas turbine. Some of the drawings/part lists from the Renewal Parts Manual are missing, so we are not able to reorder some spares. Can anyone send a soft copy of the manual? [email protected] Thank you in advance.
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    Anti-static Device in Ball Valve

    Greetings, Anti-static device, as mentioned in Valves Handbook, is used to reduce the static charge generated on the ball due to friction. It is used to protect the valve against spark that may ignite the fuel flowing through the valve. My question is: How to test that the anti-static...
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    IGV Control Trouble Trip

    Greetings all, We have a gas turbine MS 5001PG (Mark 5). During normal operation, it was loaded with 10MW. Firstly, a diagnostic alarm:<pre> P DROP DESCRIPTION S 1340 TCQA LVDT Position Diff. High Reg#5 R 1340 TCQA LVDT Position Diff. High Reg#5 T 1340 TCQA...