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    Siemens PLC Integration to an IOT Device

    I have S7-300 (315-2PN/DP) PLC with 2 CP-340 Cards. 34 Energy Meters are looped and connected to these CP Cards. I also have CP 343-1 Card to connect it to SCADA PC. Now I want to acquire data of these Energy Meter on my proprietary IOT Device. But it can only take data on Modbus RTU or Modbus...
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    Drive - Data Acquisition through Modbus RTU

    I would like to acquire data for my IIOT- Device in G120 Drive and 6RA70 DC drive. But my IIOT hardware can only acquire data on Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP/IP. How can it be done? Is it possible without any additional hardware?
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    Siemens 313C - Modbus RTU Commissioning

    I have Siemens CPU 313C. I need to acquire data through Modbus RTU. How can it be done? Any external hardware/converter will be needed? please suggest
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    Modbus Communication with Danfoss VLT FC360

    We have Danfoss VLT FC360. We want to fetch data on serial communication. The communication is established but we are still getting zero as a value in Modbus POLL Software. Not able to identify the issue. Can the forum help on this?