0-10 V analog boost


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Peder M. Olesen

I would like some help, too find a component which can provide a 0-10 V DC signal from a 0-10V DC outputsignal from a PLC. It is a kind of a boost converter, and the component should be able too provide a current output off 40-50 mA.

My PLC output has a standard 20mA output. Please send me a mail if you know how to find such a komponent.

Peder M. Olesen
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Curt Wuollet

A power op amp in a unity gain configuration meets those criteria. Most simple schemes have varying degrees of offset but there are
inexpensive power op amps that can do this with precision Try national semiconductor for starters. For under 100 ma. there are lots of choices. Check to make sure it's unity gain stable.



Hakan Ozevin

Just use a buffer amplifier (i.e. an op-amp whose output is connected to is negative input) with high output power. See national, TI, Analog.com
Take a look at phoenix contacts mcr series of products. They offer industrial rated device for analog isolation, boosting, and conversion.

Wayne Rhodes

Try Wilkerson instrument. They have a variety of converters which mount to a 8 pin base.
Thanks, Wayne