0-20 mA to RTD and/or T/C converter


Steve Myres, PE

There is a thing called a thermocouple simulator (probably available in a RTD version as well), that allows you to dial in a temperature you want to simulate, and it gives the appropriate output to test your monitoring/control system. If you can find one of these with a potentiometer for setting, you should be able to modify it for ma input, depending on how elegant you need to be. You might also consider a DC-DC signal conditioner with the output set for millivolts. This might be close enough. With RTD inputs, this solution might be a problem, because the instrument is trying to drive current through the
sensor, where a tc is actually producing the voltage independently.

Hakan Ozevin

Why should one need such a strange thing? Everybody uses the opposite of it, i.e. T/C or RTD to 0-20 mA converter.

Attila Varga

We use PLC for testing our very complex control solutions and the test PLC can only generate 0-20 mA signals since there is nothing like RTD or T/C output.