0 to 10 volts pressure transducer


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Mark Adamson

I am in the maintenance tdlr journeyman electrician and have a problem with another, wants to run 0 to 10 volt controller like you would 4 to 20 ma.

The controller is using 80% of of the 10 volts. 0 to 8 volts /0 to 80 psi. being the percentage put out by the plc with also the diameter sensor and the taper for winding the rolls.

He wants to change it to .5 to 8 volts /0 to 80 psi. to me this is narrowing the window (span). This is similar to a 4-20ma control if I wanted 4-20ma I would have ordered it that way. Anybody have any advice for myself? or him the one that wants to change everything I've done for 6 years and it works just fine?