10 Million flex cycle Undersea RTD cable help.

Hi there,

I need your help. I am working on designing a robotics cable that has at least 10 million flex cycles. The kicker is that it has to be used as an undersea cable, underwater robotics cable for RTD's. You may also refer to this as a submarine cable or an underwater RTD cable.

What equipment manufacturers do you know for underwater RTD Resistance Thermometers that have systems operating with complete motion?

I am having a hard time locating someone who does this, it seems like a needle in a haystack situation... Let me know if you have any knowledge about this. Thanks!
Assuming that some vendor somewhere offers insulated copper wire for undersea service AND for robotic service that can handle the required 10 million flex cycles, then use that because the only requirement for RTD extension cable/wire is that all three conductors have the same gauge and hence the same resistance, so that the 3rd wire can be used to correctly compensate for lead wire resistance in the receiver's analog input temperature calcuation.