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Patrick Viskens

Dear Automationlist Readers,

I'm looking for a convertor from 10base2 to fiber optic and vice versa. The convertors should be placed in a 19 inch rack which has a redundant 24 V DC power supply.

If anyone could have an idea where to get these things, please send me a reply.


Patrick Viskens

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Phillip Costantinou

check hirshmann (www.hirschmann.com)
they have e-net to fiber convertors, 24vdc powered, and may have what you want (10B2).

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D. C. Pittendrigh

Hi All

I would suggest Hirschmann, easily locatable by searching on th Net.

Donald Pittendrigh

John G. Boland

Hi, List,

I have forwarded the information below from an off-list friend.

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From: Pidcock, Greg L. <[email protected]>

> John,
> Please pass this on to the newsgroup.
> Transition Networks is the best bet here. Milan Technologies (Digi
> International) is another and yet another is Allied Telesyn. Georgetown
> University is using Sun Conversion Technologies, but I am not sure that
> have the 19" rack units. I know the others do and from my research these
> are in the order of preference.
> Gregory L. Pidcock
> Process Information and Control Systems
> Vetrotex America


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Phillip Costantinou

i just remembered black-box also has some of these
devices (www.black-box.com) search their product database for transceivers, or call their tech support; i don't think you can go directly 10B2 to FO, but you'll need a 10B2 to AUI, and AUI to FO arrangment
good luck
You can use either the converter from Black Box or
from Canary.

The Canary model no for 19" Rack mounted converter is CCM-1200 thats very good product that we have been using since past 3 years.


G.B. Singh

Adrian Wilson

Try RJ Lnxx(www.rjlnxx.com) their parent company is Woodhead Connectivity they make nice industrial ethernet switches. You'll have to download their sales brochure to see the products.