1131-3 languages and FDT-DTM for control network


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J.S Kim

I am really serious which way will be best for applying ABB's PLC between AC450 and AC800M.

ABB says "if 1131-3 programming languages and using FDT-DTM are not needed, then ABB suggest me to go with AC450."

Please help me to understand correctly for that meaning.

AC450 has to have her own network, MB 300 without openness, but AC800 has open network with TCP/IP.

Just for openness, I have to have AC800 but AC 800 has smaller capacity than AC 450 which we had applied to another plant.

Which element should be considered more between openness and capacity for the future in Cement Industries? Openness with less heavy capacity or Closeness with heavier capacity?

Your valuable advice will be really appreciated.