11Kv. 1000Kw 3 phase asynchronous induction motor


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Gerry Lewis

I am trying very hard to find out any technical specifications for a motor as described above, Technical data, dimensions, detailed specifications, or the wherebouts of any suppliers or manufacturers who could give me such information, or links to the same. I have
searched the web for days now trying to find this motor and its details but have failed miserably in my attempts so far. Hoping someone here can assist me. Incidentally, this motor is to be used to pump water up to a reservoir, and then when electrical demand is high, the water
thus stored will be released and the motor is to then generate electricity. This is only a theoretical project so please dont ask for facts
and figures, as I dont have any! the only thing I know for a fact is the motor mentioned, for which I am seeking details.
Many Thanks

Gerry Lewis

Kirk S. Hegwood

I would contact your local GE Power or Apparatus representative. I've seen them repairing motors this size.

Good luck,

Kirk S. Hegwood
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Phil Corso, PE

Attn: Gerry Lewis reur Tue, Jan 8, 2:50pm query:

Your vagueness precludes providing you with precise information, nor do you reveal your location, but consider the following as search vectors.

GE in the USA.

GEC in England.

SIEMENS (Schorch div), or AEG in Germany.

BROWN BOVEI (or ABB) in Germany.

ASEA (or ABB) in Sweden.

ALSTHOM in Belgium.

BROWN BOVERI (or ABB) in Switzerland.

And now my politically correct statement. I apologize for not being able to recall capable manufacturers in other European countries.

Phil Corso, PE
(Boca Raton, FL)

Johan Bengtsson

This is not an answer to your question, I know that, but I would like to point out one thing (you might know it, it might not be a problem,
and so on, but anyway)

An asyncronus induction motor can only be used as a generator if there is a strong power grid availiable.

Since the motor is a motor when rotating below syncronus speed and a generator when rotating above it needs a power grid to "know" if it
should be a motor or a generator and this power grid needs to be strong compared to the generator/motor itself.

The theory behind why it is like that could perhaps be left out at the moment but if you need this to work without a reliable power grid you need a syncronus motor instead.

As I said, it might not be a problem, but anyway....

/Johan Bengtsson

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Donald Pittendrigh

From: "Donald Pittendrigh" <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: ENGR: 11Kv. 1000Kw 3 phase asynchronous induction motor

Hi All

We just finished commissioning a wood chip shiploader with 2 x 1.6Mw 3.3KV motors from Siemens driving the blower turbines. I have never been so impressed by a motor before and I deal with PLC's and IT.

Send me an email at addr:[email protected] and I will ask someone from Siemens to
contact you.

Donald Pittendrigh

Fred Townsend

I suspect you will never find a motor with these specifications. Motors of this kind are not a stock item. Besides your specification may be flawed. 11Kv. 1000Kw 3 phase asynchronous induction motors, if you can find someone to build one, do not function as generators!

You also omitted several very important parameters, frequency and RPM. Water pin stocks normally run at very slow speeds i.e. 36 RPM. By the way, pumps do not work as pin stocks either so you will have to have a method of coupling and uncoupling your pump and pin stock.

Hugo Vargas, Santiago, Chile

Its an interesting project that your are in, but several considerations must be taken.
These motors do exist and companies as Siemens, ABB, GE can manufacturer, I have seen several ones, the same 11kV and 1MW, normally 2 poles, of course they are huge but in some applications is not the main cost, your pump will be worst. Noramally they are used in RO plants producing fresh water from seawater.
You must consider a turbine and the proper coupling, and what is more important, the proper control unit for the system.
If you proceed with your project you can contact for other assistance.

Good Luck.

Hugo Vargas
Santiago, Chile
email [email protected]