125 Vdc to 24 Vdc Converter


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Nick Pirog

I'm working with a power transmission sub-station application where the supply voltage in the sub-station is 125 Vdc. We have to power devices that take 24 Vdc power. Does anyone know of a DC to DC converter designed for this type of application? Preferably one that can provide some redundancy in case the first one fails. Best Regards, Nick Pirog CPU Automation, Inc. Voice: 978.692.5404 Fax: 978.692.8844 email: [email protected] web: www.cpuauto.com

Jorge Mendes Santos

Hello, There is a Portuguese manufacturer that makes this type of device. The name is: Fisocrom Quinta da Bela Vista, Lote 2 Camarate 2685 Sacavem Portugal Tel: +351 21 947 75 52 By Jorge Mendes Santos

Brian Peck Northeast Utilities

By coincidence, I was just searching for a 120DC to 24DC converter yesterday. My requirements do not require redundancy. Phoenix Contact: DCM 125-PS-120-230AC/24DC/5 90-264 VAC or 110-370 VDC auto sensing input, 24 VDC 5 Amp Output Acopian 85-130 VAC or 120-180 VDC, 24 VDC 2.1 Amp Output Both are available in DIN rail mountable packages. Brian Peck Engineer Northeast Utilities

Sztrancsik Csaba

For DC/DC conversion I recommend to see VICOR, Andover, MA WEB SITE : www.vicr.com For 120 / 24 Volt there are several options, from 50 ... 200 W / module. Modules are parallel connectable. (With good power sharing and/or n+1 redundant All protection included, (overvoltage, temp..) sense input (e.g. Kelvin conn.), very high reliability. All imaginable AGENCY APPROVALS. You can think of a mudule as a big one power integrated circuit. Sample : VI-253-EU --- 100... 200 V input range, 200W 24 V ouput power. for 24V/5A use VI-253-EV, same specs. 150W output. Modules are available in packaged form, too. Best regards, Csaba Sztrancsik AtySoft Ltd., * TEL: (+36 1) 316 3251 * FAX: (+36 1) 212 0250 Measurement * Industrial control * Intelligent hardware design Design & Dev * Software development * Power supplies, DC/DC conv.

Dave Kuipers

Nick, We are using redundant 120VDC to 24VDC converters from a Canadian firm, Analytic Systems. Two Power Supplies (Model 7717-24ST) connected to a Load Splitter (Model LS-50)provide load sharing with output current up to 75 amps. We power several Standby Diesel Generator control panels with this configuration. Either Power Supply will handle all the load. The Power Supply modules also have alarm output connections that we connected to our SCADA system.
Thanks, I'm looking for closer to 10 Amp, but I suppose I can use two units instead. These are the first ones I have found that offer the DIN Rail packaging that I'm looking for. I may have found an external switch circuit that would allow the automatic switch over to the backup PS, if the first one fails. Let me know if you are interested. Best Regards, Nick Pirog CPU Automation, Inc. Voice: 978.692.5404 Fax: 978.692.8844 email: [email protected] web: www.cpuauto.com

Clinton Fleming

Nick, try E-max instruments, inc. They carry a 125VDC/24 VDC converter in sizes of 10 and 15 amps output. They can be panel mounted or placed in a 19 inch rack. Also they follow the SWC (surge withstanding capability)per ANSI C 37.90a-1974. The telephone number is 303-799-6640. Regards, Clinton Fleming
We use Willmore converters in our high voltage substations with great results. Call JL Harris at 919-732-9351 for a quote
We have a similar application: I have found Deutronic Model DCM60 (60Watt or DCM100 (100W) which looks workable. But have not used them yet.