12x2.5 Cable instead of 3 runs of 4x2.5 cable

We have a wagon tippler, side arm charger. There are 3 small motors in it with rating like 1.5kW. Flexible trailing cable is required for the same. Can we put one run of 12 x 2.5 cu cable instead of 3 runs of 4 x 2.5 cu cable? Will this cause any issue? Urgency/availability is the issue. Length is 30m.

Similarly we have to transmit some 4-20mA analog signals from this machine to a PLC. Can we use a 12 x 2.5 cable (separate from power) instead of a 6p x 1.5 cable originally intended.
Shielded, twisted pair (STP cable) is always recommended for 4-20mA signals. 2.5mm is more than enough to carry a milliamp DC load for 30m (probably good enough for a couple kilometers). But unshielded, non-twisted pair lacks the characteristics to limit electrical noise from industrial noise sources from the environment where the cabling is installed. I suspect that these flex cables are not twisted pair and there's likely no shielding. 4-20mA is pretty robust and I've encountered installations where cabling is not STP and 4-20mA worked well, but it depends on the electrical environment.