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Arturo Arevalo

Does anybody know if the drives AB 1336PLUS II can work in a master slave configuration to control speed? If so, what do I need to do it.

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Mike Trombley

Do you have to use Allen Bradley? ABBs ACS600 series has built in Master follower capibilities. I've done several and they work great. The two or more drives are connected by a simple fiber optic cable and all commands are digital.
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Eduardo Manuel C, Cipriano


There are many ways you could do it ;

1st you have to choose what protocol you want to chooose RIO, DH, Controlnet, Modbus others,

2nd is to purchase this communication card

3rd is to choose whether you want to use a PLC as a master or purely use an independent software

also you have to consider a lot of things like distance, speed, reliability you may want to achieve if you want more details just email me at

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