1407-CGCM-DLR how to achive synchronization.

if the generator ( mars 100) nominal voltage is 6.6V and the nominal Bus A
voltage is 66kV.
generator(6.6kv) _ Transformer (66kv)
1407-CGCM-DLR how to achive synchronization.
Thanks for your help . I was able to solve the problem
Hi Imad684,

I was not active on this forum when you posted this thread.
Can you be more clear with the SLD SHARED can be better to have an overview of the system.
Synchronization with 1407-CGCM-DLR is described on page 64 & 108 on ControlLogix Allen Bradley Rowkwell automation OEM manual.

It is always a pleasure to give a support to somebody here!

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