1500 End Cap Terminator


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Dose anyboby know how to make the terminator for the expanded I/O system of the Micrologix 1500 PLC. I forgot to buy the end cap terminator
when ordering the PLC, as a result I got an error code 80h after transferring the program. Thanks.
It's not trivial; you're better off buying one.

I took mine apart and found four surface-mount resistors: 120 ohm, 331 ohm, and two 1.02k in resistance. The 121 ohms across pins 3 and 4 was obvious and easy to measure, but the rest had me scratching my head. After half an hour I had a schematic sketch I wasn't sure of and it would have taken me another hour to draw up a diagram and find out a source for a compatible connector.

They're commonly stocked items at most distributorships and my dealer wants just $21.80 plus tax.