160 SSC variable speed drive


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Rodrigo Perez

Can I use only one push button to start, stop and reverse one ac motor? The drive is 160 SSC allen-bradley. Please send me information or your opinion about this. Thanks
Do you have any logic device to do control? (PLC) If so, it is easy. If not, still easy, just a few relays. You need to use a 2 wire control (Run / Not Run) and tie in a flip/flop for the direction contol. Post more info and I can help.


No. Why would you want to? I would think that having a single button that does all of this would not only be confusing to operate (I went forward and stopped, but I want to go forward again....) but would create some dangerous situations (-PRESS- Oh *darn*, it went the wrong way!) IDEC push buttons are available for $6 a piece. Why not just do it right? --Joe Jansen

Crucius, Wesley

Nope. The inputs can be configured for (Run/Stop and Fwd/Rev) OR (RunFwd/Stop and RunRev/Stop). If you REALLY NEED this behaviour, add a Micrologix PLC for a couple hundred bucks. If you are just looking to provide control with a single "Switch", just use a three postion selector switch, either momentary or maintained as necessary.