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I try to obtain slc 500 datafiles through controlnet network. using RSLinx as OPC server, but rslinx send an error status $f010. We can connect ControlLogix and PLC5 trough controlnet using OPC. how we can obtain datafiles from a scanner 1747-scnr using OPC???
The 1747-SCNR provides only I/O scanning services on ControlNet to the SLC-500 family of controllers. It's I/O image is analogous to the 32 words plus M0/M1 files that you find with the 1747-SN and 1747-SDN. You use a scanlist configuration applet in RSNetworx for ControlNet to set up it's connections, very similar to the PLC-5C15. A-B separated the messaging and I/O functions when they built ControlNet cards for the SLC-500, because the SLC backplane is really optimized for I/O and not for communications like the Logix backplane. The messaging module is the 1747-KFC15. It connects to the SLC serial port and provides messaging functions on ControlNet very similar to the desktop 1770-KFC15. You can buy the two modules at a discount if you buy them together. Regards, Ken Roach Rockwell Automation / Seattle