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I am using 1756-L7x (Rockwell PLC). Need to import tags from an Excel spread sheet into the Controller Tags and UDTs (User Defined Tags). Any ideas?

Thanks a bunch in advance.

Dave Ferguson

The easiest way to do this is to export the database currently in the processor to see how the columns are organized. And then set your data up the same way and import it.

It is the under the 4th or 5th choice over, and down a few (not in front of software. Have done it so many times, I don't think about it) :)

I usually export, format, copy and paste into the exported file and re-import.

There is an import- export manual on the Rockwell website in the support and literature library section you can download.

I usually just do what I said above and have imported thousands and thousands of tags and udt’s.

There is also a way to do it with LVU logixview, a utility you can get from your distributor for free but it is not for the faint of heart (1500 page or so manual).

Also ACM Application Code Manager has ways to do this in bulk for tags as well as code. Also free but buyer beware, this is more for system integrators who bulk build lots of code and has a semi steep learning curve.

Get the import export manual, do a couple practice exports to csv, open them in excel add a couple rows of "test" tags, re-import and go nuts.....

Dave Ferguson
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Bob Peterson

Make a few tags and export them to determine the file format. Then add tag to the file and import to your heart's content. The software has very extensive help files that can guide you in doing these basic tasks.