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rick crowe

i'am trying to interface with a allen bradley plc-2/16 using a 1770-kf2 interface box. my question is does anyone the pin connections for the data highway port to the plc-2.....?

Jeremy Pollard

Sorry Rick a KF2 module wont work. Talks DF1 protocol and not PLC-2 You would need a 1771-KG module which supports DF1 and a connection to the 2/16. DF1 is a published protocol, but does not support programming only access to data table vcalues

Need to direct connect for that. Might be better off switching the 2/16 out for a PLC 5 and use a commecially available driver. Expensive consultants like me can convert the code for you:)

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Yosef Feigenbaum

I can get you a pin out but do you have the correct hardware. If you're connecting your 2/16 to DH you will have to have a 1771-KA2. If you're
connecting your 2/16 to DH+ you will have to have a 1771-KA3. The next step is to connect the 1770-KF2 to the blue-hose port on the KA2 or KA3 and connect the RS-232 port to your computer.
Furthermore you may just want to connect the PC
to the 2/16 directly over RS-232 in which case you will need a 1771-KG. Let me know what you've got and I'll try and help you with the connections.