1771 w/Ultra3000?


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Has anyone controlled an Allen Bradley Ultra3000 with the Devicenet Connection from a plc5? I know they both have Dnet, but not sure if it will work.

Thanks, Joe.

Trevor Ousey \(list\)

We have had a couple of ultra 3000's, and using Devicenet is a big let down on these drives. We had lots of trouble with the Devicenet network not recovering after a power up, and found that we need to have the Ultra unplugged from the network we powering up. The last application was on a CLX with the analogue version of the drive, and needed to connect some of the signals with hardwiring as it wasn't possible to control over DeviceNet.
I've commissioned dozens of Ultra 3000i's on DeviceNet and never had any physical problems with the network.

The difficulty you will probably run into is the fact that you can't easily handle 32-bit integers with the PLC-5, so if you are sending a position value (in counts) (for example) to the drive you will need extra logic to create a 32-bit integer.

Ordinary start/stop/fault data is not difficulty at all.

I strongly prefer the Ultra 3000i on DeviceNet with the MicroLogix 1500 and the ControlLogix/CompactLogix.