1784-PKTX Problems


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So I made the mistake of changing my shop PC from 32 bit to 64 bit so I could install extra RAM.

After much searching and discussing with others, there are no 64bit drivers that I can find for the 1784-PKTX comm card.

Unless someone has found some, I have to do an alternate setup for talking from PC to DH+ processors.

Have RSLinx version 3.71 installed
Running RS5 Ver 7.10

Can anyone give me a link or tell me how to setup RSLinx to be able to connect to the PLC's

Thank you,
Bruce B

Bob Peterson

There are no cheap answers. You could buy a control logix rack and put a DHRIO card in it and connect up to it via an Ethernet card.
I think there might be a pro soft card to interface between ethernet and data Highway Plus.
So I was able to get the DHRIO card working and can now get online with the PLC5 thru RS5 and should be able to access the SLC500 with RS500.

Only thing I have to figure out now is the DH485 communications.

I do testing for various people and need to be able to access all 3 platforms. I don't mind learning, but need to keep the last little bit of hair over my bald spot.

IF anyone knows of a working 64 bit driver for the PKTX comm card it would be appreciated.

It is a good card to have if you run multiple platforms.

Thank you
We had issues with PanelView programming (FactoryTalk View Studio) as it required a 32 bit PC. We got around that when we upgraded by installing VMware operating as a 32 bit system inside the 64 bit Windows 7. I am assuming that your hardware is still able to use the 1784-PKTX card (our new PCs won't).

A VM has its own issues but you may be able to use that as a way to use the old 32 bit driver.

Russ K
For DH+, we use one of these:

It works great connecting to either the 3-pin phoenix connector or the round fake mini-DIN. It's also supposed to work for RIO with the right firmware update.

For DH485, we use:

Both have been simple and reliable to use. The Prosoft gateway can also be used to connect an Ethernet/IP HMI to a PLC-5 or SLC 5/04 via DH+.