1794-ACN15 Flex I/O ControlNet Adapter

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Ing. Jairo Rodriguez

Hi, I`m triying to connect a FLex I/O controlnet adapter model. 1794-ACN15 with a 1756-CNB/D ControlNet Bridge. In RS-Networks the connection schedule is ok but when I try to go on line in RS-Logix 5000 the 1794-ACN15 show me an warning message with the follow description: Divice Faulted : err. 16#0317. Request Error. Connection No Schedule, but I can reset the module and see a good connection in Rsnetworks, in this module the status led are in green flashhing indicating On Line but not connected. Exist any aditional configuration to make this connection, can anybody help me? Thanks in advance Eng. Jairo Rodriguez.

Dave Ferguson

Which versions of RSNetworx, RSLogix 5000, flashes etc. are you running. Also I am not familiar with using this fles module but do you have to "produce" it to the network and then "optimize" it on the Controlnet. Dave Ferguson Blandin Paper Company UPM-Kymmene DAVCO Automation