1FE1 synchronous motor from Siemens


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I'm trying to control the movement on a machine-tool axis. The motors are AC Synchronous 1FE1 made by Siemens. The documentation that I have don't give many details about the mathematical model of the motor. I suppose that is a classical ac one, but as I am new in the area, I want to ask you to point me a link for finding this model. More than that, I have to identify the parameters of this model, and if anybody has already done such thing and has some methods that might help me,I am very grateful.
Thanks, Mara
Hello Mr.Mara,
Can you give some more details about the control system and drives you are using in this application so that i can give you exactly what you want.Are you the same Mr.Mara who was with Growell in Mumbai?, for further details you can contact me on "[email protected]", mailto:[email protected]