2- 24V DC motors for "Burning Man" project


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Roger Grubb

I'm building a steel framed "Art Vehicle" for a week-long festival in the high sierra desert.

The vehicle I'm building right now has two 1HP 24V motors. The challenge is that I have no idea how to control the speed.

I do know how to put two 12V batteries in series to make 24V but at that point I'm left in "Lostville". =-(

Does anyone know where either I can buy something that will do the job or even a schematic I can follow to get this puppy rolling?

Thanks in advance,
Check out the following link... it's a pretty good tutorial on DC motors.

You're correct w/ wanting to connect the 2 +12V batt. in series. Keep in mind that you want a good battery. For a 1hp +24V DC motor you will be pulling 31 Amps from each battery. For a 30 Ampere-Hour battery, you will only be able to run for an hour. I would definitely look into buying an off-the-shelf controller if you are looking to control the speed. Good Luck!

David Wooden

Check out Vantec, http://www.vantec.com . This is the controller of choice for many BattleBots.


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I hope you got it going for BM! If not, I have just what you need for super cheap. I wanted to go to BM this year but got sick. I also have some project ideas for next year. Let me know how it went or if I can help.

Geoff Niggeler

I am an engineering student at the University of Denver researching motors for a design project.
My I ask where you found 1hp 24V DC motors
That is exactly what we are looking for and I haven't been able to find a suitable solution to our problem.

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I don't know if anyone ever replied to you or not. I assume you have found what you need by now but in case you haven't, I ran across a
company selling replacement parts for electric scooters -- that subject will get you to drives, controllers, motors, batteries, etc. Here
is the

URL: "http://www.rad2go.com/replacement_parts.htm":http://www.rad2go.com/replacement_parts.htm

I found both control.com and rad2go by accident just tonight while trying to get a replacement drive belt for my daughter's xmas present

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Correction: 30 Ampere-Hour battery does not mean 30 Amps for 1 hour. It's a measure of capacity often using a 20 Hour discharge period. So a 30AH battery is 20 Hours at 1.5Amps. The acutal discharge curves will depend on the battery chemistry.