2 Wire Loop Powered Transmitter


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If I have a 2 wire loop powered transmitter, am I correct in thinking that the loop power for this can come from either the Ai card of the Dcs/plc or from a power supply in a panel and it doesn't which?

So for example if I have a 2 wire pressure transmitter with the power coming from a 24 vdc power supply in a panel, then this PT can be wired to the mitsubishi Ai q68adi without any problems?

The answer to your question has to be obtained from the documentation provided with the AI card you are intending to connect the transmitter to. It should have some indication of how transmitters (2-, 3- or 4-wire) can be connected to the card.

In some cases I have seen a separate 24 VDC power supply connected to one side of the transmitter and the other side of the transmitter connected to an AI card--when the card did not have it's own 24 VDC power supply output.

But, there can be ground loops--intentional and unintentional--which must be in place or avoided, and the AI card documentation should help with that.

Hope this helps! Sorry; I'm not familiar with the Mitsubishi equipment so I can't comment directly about it.