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Jim Pinto

Automation List : The industrial automation business is under pressure - growth and profit are elusive, most products are commodities, global competition is reducing prices and margins, innovation is scarce in an overcrowded market. Large companies seem unable to generate organic growth, leading to mergers and acquisitions in related areas with accompanying divestiture or elimination of duplication. I have already forecasted that the industry Big-10 will reduce to the Big-5 - this is the year in which that prediction will be realized. Who will survive? How will they thrive? A new article "2001: Automation Industry Outlook" presents my view of industrial automation at the start of the new millennium. This article was first published in Industrial Controls Intelligence & Plant Systems Report, February 2001. It is now on the web at : http://www.jimpinto.com/writings/outlook2001.html I will appreciate your comments, suggestions and feedback. Cheers: jim ----------/ Jim Pinto email : [email protected] web: www.JimPinto.com San Diego, CA., USA ----------/