2080-RTD2 for LG Ni 1000 Sensor


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I am planning to use a 2080-RTD2 module for an LG NI 1000 Sensor. The 2080-RTD2 Module can also measure the following RTD's

100 Ω Platinum 385, 200 Ω Platinum 385, 500 Ω Platinum 385,
1000 Platinum 385,100 Ω Platinum 392, 200 Ω Platinum 392,
500 Ω Platinum 392, 1000 Ω Platinum 392, 10 Ω Copper 427,
120 Ω Nickel 672, 604 Ω Nickel-Iron 518

Do you think this method is possible..?
The LG NI 1000 is not included on the RTDs that it can measure.


<b>Moderator's Note:</b> I believe the Ω is a special character that my firefox interface doesn't seem to recognize. I'm afraid to delete it though. Sorry if it causes confusion,
The Ω symbols are an issue with different interpretations of character formats.

The characters undoubtedly are meant to represent the Ohm character and probably do in the original document.

But there are multiple character sets, extended ASCII, Unicode, others that interpret non-usual characters differently.

Quotation marks are frequently misinterpreted, too.
Every type of RTD has its own alpha characteristic - change in resistance with temperature change.

If the RTD type is not listed for a given transmitter, then you need to either use another sensor type or find a transmitter that can correctly interpret the resistance change.