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Ed Thomas

Hi All. Can anyone recommend a bi-directional 24VDC drive capable of providing 8Amps. The application is used for steering and will require constant operation and frequent direction changes. Units that use a relay for direction changing will not work. If no product is currently available, (I would prefer not to have to re-create the wheel) could anyone recommend a full H-Bridge driver chip or design app-note for use with a 24VDC brush type motor?. Any type of control input can be accommodated, but the current system is PWM driven and would easily lend itself to Step and Direction binary control lines that could be optically isolated. Any help would be greatly appreciated Regards Ed Thomas
I guess I was not really clear in my orignal request. The application already uses a 24VDC Brush type PM motor. It is mounted on a Warner Ball-Screw assembly. The drive would have to be able to operate the existing brush type DC motor. Every type of screw actuator that uses a brushless servo seems to jump in cost 2-5 times over the inexpensive brush type. Does no one make a 24VDC Bi Directional Drive that can be run and reversed at almost 100% duty cycle?? Relay reversable units would burn out the contacts in short order. Ed

gerald beaudoin

There is lots of good information and application notes available on the Motorola website listed under PWM. They even have some specialized circuits for your application. Gerald Beaudoin Leahy Orchards Inc.

Pierre R. Hinse CET

I have used amplifiers from url:www.vantec.com, with success in the past. You will have to ask to have them modified slightly, during manufacturing. The model I used was the RBSA Brute, Dale at Vantec pulled the reference input for me, so I could control the amp with a PLC analog output. Send me an e-mail if you have questions. Pierre Hinse CET (just a Vantec customer) [email protected]
I have a class project to design an h-bridge for a 24V DC brush motor with 6A of minimum current and 12A max. It should be a simple project, but i can't find anything about h-bridges that would work. it's due tomorrow - can anyone help me out by emailing me at [email protected]

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