24Vdc redundant power supplies


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Scott Begbie

Can anyone point me in the direction of a supplier/manufacturer of a +24Vdc redundant ATX power supply?
All replies greatfully received

Dear Scott,

We are a "One-Stop" Industrial PC Solution Company. I am able to take-in OEM Projects for your enquiry.

I have a special team in Taiwan & China able to cater many differnt type of Unique specification.

Please Give me your specification so that I can offer you the details.

I often travel Internationally, but my base is in Indonesia.

Please contact me at +62-21 6669-1765(FAX)

or email me at: [email protected]

(Leave down your contact number.)

Best Regards,
MD of ACLIM International.
Check out the I-Star Redundant Power Supplies at
http://www.istarusa.com I just brought 500w red. ps from them and it comes with dual ac for more protection. One for plugin from wall and another is going to the UPS. So far, it works perfectly with my 4u server!