2G/3G modem to send RS232 data?


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I have a wind sensor which outputs RS232 ASCII data in 1hz, 9600 baud 8n1.

I would like to send the RS232 data with a 2G/3G modem, but it is very difficult to find a suitable one.

I had a look at these modems:

1. Infinite's iLog GSM

It can only interface analog inputs, not suitable.

2. iWow's itegno

With GSM, the server side modem can call up the sensor side modem, and the sensor side modem can be set to autoanswer with AT commands. But I need 1 minute interval data and GSM is more expensive compared to GPRS.

With GPRS, the sensor side modem need a microcontroller to send AT commands. I need the system quickly and cannot affort the development time on the microcontroller.

Is there any other type of 2G/3G modem out there that can send RS232 data without the need to program another microcontroller or purchase an external module?