3 phase ac motor speed control


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I am looking for a 3 phase ac motor (> 2 Hp) speed controller ckt. Should be simple and effective with all protection ckts.

Hakan Ozevin

There are lots (A-B, ABB, CT, Omron, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Telemechanique, ...). However my suggestion is do not prefer for the brand name, but prefer for the service you can take at your location.
Ever salesman says that their product is perfect, but you may see noone if you encounter a problem. If you can find a seller that makes you belive that he takes the responsibility in after sales service problems, prefer him.

Best regards and good luck

Hakan Ozevin

Paul Draganac

I've used several Baldor series 18H controllers.(typically in the 15hp range)
They have good support from Texas.
An encoder would be required with a baldor drive.
Depending on your application you may want to look a sensorless vector drive.
These are cheaper and give good speed regulation.

Good luck
Paul Draganac
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