3 Phase induction motor speed control via Profibus


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Mark Foley

Hi all or anyone!
I've completed a program for communicating between a Profibus 315-2dp system, and also communicating with the Siemens operator panel (OP7). My problem is that I have to write a technical report in about 50 pages and the subject is so broad that I don't know what exactly will be relevant on "3 PHASE INDUCTION
MOTOR SPEED CONTROL VIA PROFIBUS". I would appreciate any comments from people who have experience in technical writing in this area who give me a guidance along the correct path.
Thanking you

Hakan Ozevin

I would use the following topics:
1. 3Ph induction motor basics
2. Speed control of 3 ph ind motors
3. Profibus standards
4. PLC programming
5. Application (how we did it)
6. Results (what we got)
7. Conclusion (shall we do it in the future)

If it is 50 pages I also recommend you to write 2 summaries. 1) technical 2) for management (if you have)

david mertens

Much depends on what the paper is for, if it's for deciding which controller to purchase, compare the different brands (siemens micromaster/midimaster, Danfoss, ABB) with respect to

- price
- technical possibilities
- installation requirements
- options
- availability and price of DP interface
- availability and price of special communication blocks for S7 PLC's.
- Availability and price of drive visualisation for the HMI system in use at your location (if applicable).

This should lead to a preferred selection based on objective price/performance considerations.