3 phase motor control circuit


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l have been struggling with wiring the control circuit of a 3phase motor, star delta. l will really appreciate if someone can post or even email me a simplified step by step wiring procedure. thanx.
3 phase motor control circuit

If you provide your email address, I can send to you the motor constants for delta or wye connection. Also, open GOOGLE.COM and enter "3 phase motor connections".

George Younkin
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A: Hi...You will need 3 contactors and name them as Star, Delta and Main respectively. Even though all r same.

Give the line supply to a NC pushbtn switch and then connect one O/L relay in series with it. Now connect the other terminal of relay to the NO pushbtn switch.

Connect d other terminal of switch to d timer. Simultaneously, connect dis terminal of switch to NC terminal of Delta contactor and other end of NC contact of this contactor to Star contactor...

Buddy, It will be btr if u mntn ur E-id on d post...i will send u a complete ppt of star delta that i made.