3-phase motor protection devices


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Hi Lists, Where I can get an information about 3-phase motor protection devices, that based on microprocessor as the central element of the system. All motor protection and control functions must be implemented with the microprocessor, as well as interlocking functions, the calculation of operating, diagnosis and statistical data and communication between the automation level and the motor branch. Is there any URL's about tips and tricks for motor protection devices based on microprocessors ? Thanks, Hope for advice, Andrew I. Ronjine, ABM-GAZ Ltd

kenneth boggs

Have you looked at Cutler-Hammer Advantage controls I have worked with them since 92 and I think you should take a look them. Take a look at using devicenet WPONI's with them . I worked at C-H for 16.5 yrs and would glad to help you with this

Brian T. Smith

Andrew: GE Industrial makes a line of microprocessor based motor protection relays. Models 269, 369 and 469. Refer to web site at: http://www.geindustrial.com/edc/pm/ Select the Index and look for the list of Motor Protection Relays. Specifications, drawings and Manuals are available. Papers and online training are also available. Brian Smith