315-2DP, CP5613, SICAM PCC


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Gregor Zunic

First step: CP5613 (master) and 315-2DP (slave) are configured and OPC server is used. DP protocol is used for communication. Everything is working fine.
Second step: I want to connect to Sicam PCC, so I change the hw configuration of CP5613: application is changed from 'OPC server' to 'Application' (it is already in configuration) and the project is downloaded to CP. Sicam PCC (already configured) is started, but there is no connection. In PCC 'Profibus DP' is green, but 'Primary DP LAN' and PLC are red.
Is there a problem in hw configuration of 315-2DP and CP 5613 or is there a problem with PCC's database.