4-20 ma signal to the cloud


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I would like to take a 4-20ma signal form a flow meter and send the data to Amazon.com AWS so that I can view the data remotely. This is a single or a very few (3-4) points system. I don't have a internet connection so I would like to use a cell connection like a verizon myfi or the like. Is there a device that would digitize the analog signal can transmit the high low and average at a predetermined time interval?
We have done something very similar using a Red Lion modular controller with a 4 point analog input card and a Banner Engineering DX83A Ethernet Bridge connected to Exosite.com which allows you to create monitoring dashboards, data storage, email alerts, etc.

Take a look at https://uplink.exosite.com/views/1183922039/3195073152.

This shows a system with a thermocouple input but you can also get an analog (4-20 mA) input card for the Red Lion Modular controller.

If you only need a single point, you might be able to use a Red Lion PAXI panel meter with Modbus serial as your flow meter and connect it to the Banner instead of the modular controller.