4-20mA communication

hi can anyone suggest me the best method

i am using s7-1500 series Siemens PLC. i need to take data from pressure transmitter and flowmeter which is 420 meter apart from the PLC. for 4-20mA i think it can travel without noise is 100 meter.

voltage - 24v DC
communication - 4-20mA
length - 420 meter

can anyone please suggest a best and low cost method for the above. also please mention the cable too for this.
The manufacturer has provided a robust signal that can easily traverse 500m, or even a kilometer or two: 4-20mA.

To keep it the 4-20mA signal noise free use stranded conductor STP, Shielded Twisted Pair, AWG 16g or 1.5mm2.

Connect the shield to ground at one end only.

The cost of cable and its protection is just inherent in the cost of automation.